Ludacris, the King of the South

  Ludacris has always been one of the most entertaining rappers to watch. He always uses some type of crazy form of expression when he rhymes. Ludacris released his first studio album “Back for the First Time” in 2000, which went platinum. This album featured one of Ludacris’s biggest records to date, “Southern Hospitality.” Ludacris […]

Miguel, The New Kid on the Block

  Miguel is a newcomer in the R’n’B industry. He was signed to Jive Records in 2007, but he didn’t hit mainstream until November 2010 when he released his first studio album “All I Want Is You.” Not only was his album called “All I Want Is You” but so was his first single off […]

Ciara: Against All Odds

  Ciara is most known overall for her extreme dance ability. Her talent as both a singer and a dancer was first evident in 2006 when she released her first single “Goodies” off of her first album “Goodies.” Her first album went multi-platinum. Along with her first studio album “Goodie”, she has released a total […]

Wiz Khalifa: Taylor Gang’s General

  Wiz Khalifa is a 6’4 rapper from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Most people say that Wiz Khalifa reminds them of hip hop pioneer Snoop Dog, because of his height and style. Although Wiz Khalifa is from Pittsburg, he has a California swag. Wiz Khalifa has drawn a lot of attention with his hairstyle. He has a […]

Cheif Keef: Hip-Hop’s Teen Rebel

  Chief Keef is a 17 year old rapper from Chicago, Illinois who has recently just made a name for himself in April 2012. Chief Keef also refers to himself as “Sosa.” He is known for making headlines for his bad behavior such as inappropriate instagram photos and videos of him fighting. Chief Keef first […]

Kelly Rowland: Her Own Superstar

  For years, Kelly Rowland has been in the shadow of mega superstar Beyoncé Knowles. She started out singing in a group called Destiny’s Child, which initially had four members. The group was led by Beyoncé Knowles, whose father managed the group. Latoya and LaTavia, who were members of the group alongside Kelly and Beyoncé, […]

Fabolous: The Soul Man

  In the hip-hop industry, rapper Fabolous is known as the gangster and the gentleman. One day he might be rapping about being from the hood and selling drugs, and the next day he might be rapping about taking a beautiful woman out to dinner. It’s all apart of this Brooklyn native’s style. He was […]