Ludacris, the King of the South


Ludacris has always been one of the most entertaining rappers to watch. He always uses some type of crazy form of expression when he rhymes. Ludacris released his first studio album “Back for the First Time” in 2000, which went platinum. This album featured one of Ludacris’s biggest records to date, “Southern Hospitality.” Ludacris was originally signed to Universal Records, but he shortly branched off to form his own record label called “Disturbing the Peace” a.k.a DTP Records.” He has signed 14 artists to DTP Records so far, including R’n’B singer Bobby Valentino. Not only is Ludacris musically talented, but he is also  a great actor. Many people can recognize him from the popular movie “Fast and Furious,” which he also gained alot of success from. Despite, his movie success, he is currently focusing on his music. He is set to release a new album in early 2013 called “Ludaversal” featuring the single “Representing.”



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