Miguel, The New Kid on the Block


Miguel is a newcomer in the R’n’B industry. He was signed to Jive Records in 2007, but he didn’t hit mainstream until November 2010 when he released his first studio album “All I Want Is You.” Not only was his album called “All I Want Is You” but so was his first single off the album. His first album did poor because it was under promoted. However, his single “All I Want Is You” was a major hit on the radio. Based on the poor outcome of his first album, Miguel decided to part ways with Jive Records. In 2011 he signed to RCA Records. He was able to gain much more success with RCA Records. He had three #1 singles on the billboard charts in 2011, in correlation to his new record label. Miguel has just released a new album called “Kaleidoscope Dream” on October 2, 2012. This album features his single “Do You” and his most popular single “Adorn.” With the popularity of the song “Adorn”, his album “Kaleidoscope Dream” continues to climb up the charts.


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