The Return of Brandy. . . .

Brandy has finally made her return to music. Her music career started at the age of 14; in which she signed to Atlantic Records at that age as well. At this stage in Brandy’s life, she well advanced for a 14 teen year old. Not only, was she signed to Atlantic Records, but she also had a hit television series called Moesha. Moesha was an extremely popular show, as well as her first album “Brandy” which went platinum. With this kind of success building up, Brandy went on to do 6 seasons of Moesha and to create 4 more albums. Eventually in 2006 her fame began to subside and her relevancy began to fade. Brandy had begun to become hopeless to what the entertainment business had for her in store for her future. It took Brandy 6 years from 2006 to reinvent herself. Now in 2012, Brandy has just released her new album “Two Eleven” on October 16th which is doing very well on the billboard charts. In fact, it holds the number 3 spot on the chart. Thanks to Chris Brown, for assisting Brandy on her first single “Put It Down” from her latest album; and attracting so many people to the song. Put It Down has been the number 1 single for weeks!


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